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With my first child, I did nothing natural due to being so young and uneducated. So with my daughter who is now a thriving 8 month old girl, I decided that I was going to do everything natural. No artificial nipples no pain medication during labor, no anything other than what the human body can do.This pressure and mindset lead me to the issue of not producing enough milk to feed my baby girl. She went from 8 pounds 5.7 ounces at birth to 7 pounds 2 ounces at her 2 week check up.  She was always crying, ALWAYS on the breast, and I felt she was never satisfied. I spent a lot of time crying and being overly hard on myself. I mean what kind of mother cannot feed her child? I was wrong. I posted something on facebook, kind of just like a vent session with no intention of getting help.

Then my inbox got a new message and it was from Megan. She was so helpful in making me NOT feel like a failure to my family and gave me wonderful tips and techniques to help increase my milk supply. She did not force the information on me and was very respectful of how much she helped asking how much help, if any, I wanted to receive. It was great encouragement when I needed to be lifted up and helped.   

I am overly thankful in the help I received from Megan to help better care for my family.

Carolyn Geary


Meg helped me at the beginning of my breastfeeding journey. My son was born via emergency c-section due to a prolapsed cord, he was taken immediately to the NICU while I was still under the general anesthesia, and the hospital did not allow me to see him for 16 hours after he was born. I had planned on having a natural home birth, so I was devastated to not get the immediate skin-to-skin contact and start breastfeeding immediately as I had planned. In fact, I was really scared I wouldn't be able to breastfeed at all because of that separation and his time in the NICU.
So Meg became my go-to person. I messaged her that day before I'd even seen my son and she gave me so much support and advice, like what kind of pump I needed while I was home and he was still in the hospital, she helped me with how to hand express when I was having problems with the pump initially, how to deal with engorgement, etc. When I finally was able to successfully nurse him (probably 5 days after he was born- I was messaging her constantly during these days) she helped me with positioning and gave me advice on my nipple pain... I'm still nursing him two years later and I know that is largely because of her advice in those very early days.

Cody Ganger

Bakersfield, CA

Meg was very quick to give me advice and connect me with the right resources when I was having breastfeeding issues and for that I am forever grateful! 

Missy Wiggins

Bakersfield, CA

I have had the chance to get to know Meg Calvillo over the past 4 years, and I say without a doubt that you are dealing with a person of very good moral character. Meg operates with integrity, and is hard working and dedicated.

On a personal level, Meg has encouraged me in my motherhood journey. On tough days, she is an inspirer and listener. On unsure days, she is a sounding board. She supported me in my nursing journey, pushing me to continue pumping and not give up, when formula feeding would have been so much easier. She helps me strive to be patient with my toddler on trying days. 

On a professional level, Meg is very knowledgeable about nursing, and the benefits it provides for mama and baby. She is professional when handling this topic, and has a wealth of information she is willing to share, both from personal experience and academics. 

She is inspiring, caring, and competent, and I couldn't be more grateful to have someone like her to walk through motherhood with me. 

Jessica Jarvis

Bakersfield, CA

Meg noticed major and minor issues I was having with breast feeding. She provided me with the perfect connections to resolve the problems I was having. I am so grateful for her help. After, I had zero issues, and breast feeding has been an amazing experience.

Amanda Rutledge

Bremerton, Washington

Meg Calvillo was instrumental in my breastfeeding journey. Without her instruction ahead of time and continued guidance during those first few months after my son's arrival, I probably would have been waylaid by nipple pain, engorgement, multiple bouts of mastitis and a major oversupply. She helped me by normalizing many of my fears, giving me techniques to deal with the oversupply/engorgement issues, and helped me recognize the symptoms of mastitis and get the medical attention I needed.

Jessica Burzlaff

Bakersfield, CA

Megan Calvillo helped me understand breast feeding before either of my babies were born. She helped me understand that breastfeeding doesn’t always come easy and that if I wanted to be successful, I would need to commit to it. She took me to a group with other moms that were all breastfeeding their babies. This group helped me realize that I was not alone and that there were other moms with the same concerns as me.  The biggest help came when I went back to work.  I did my best to pump. I tried watching videos of my daughter and even took a blanket that smelled like her. This worked for a few months but my supply still could not keep up with what my baby needed. I felt like a complete failure. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t do what women had done since the beginning of time.  I felt like I had let my precious baby girl down. Megan reminded me that pumping was not the way that it had always been done and that sometimes we do have to consider our own mental health. I was stressing over pumping so badly and didn’t know what to do.  I made it to 5 months pumping at work and Megan helped me to feel like I should be proud of how long I was able to give my baby breast milk instead of feeling like a failure. Megan cared for me as a momma and never once made me feel like I had failed. I will always be thankful for her and what she taught me.

Sarah Abraham

Bakersfield, CA

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