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Who Am I?

Hi! I'm Meg, Certified Lactation Educator and Counselor, wife, and mom of two!

I was born in England, lived the majority of my in Bakersfield, California, and recently, happily relocated to Kitsap county, Washington.

from an early age, I dreamed of being a mother. When my first was born, he had a short stay in the NICU. I was bombarded with information, and more so, inaccurate information. I struggled to breastfeed. I started attending the hospitals Breastfeeding support group, and while finally receiving the help I desperately needed, I quickly became enamored by the IBCLCs wealth of knowledge. I watched mother after mother come in, frustrated and upset, and leave, relieved and empowered. I clung to every ounce of information provided, and always wanted more. (and my little guy breastfeed happily, until his sister arrived two years later.)

I became a certified Lactation educator in 2014, through a program with UCSD. I was never quite sure what my career path would look like, because I planned to be primarily a stay at home and still planned on having more kids. 

Over the years, Ive helped facilitate and attended numerous support groups, have taught private lactation classes, and lovingly guided many Mamas through the challenges of breastfeeding and motherhood.

I am a theatre nerd, I love being crafty, and I thrive on rainy days, coffee, and deep conversations. I pride myself on Empathy and compassion, and my beautiful babies. 



#Not a crunchy mama

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